New version of Binaural beat therapy released with extra presets!

Yeah, finally a new version! Thanks to @thegreenman for two new presets, creativity and schumann resonance, I also added a study and learning preset.

Tell me what you think about those!

I got a lot of feedback and people offering help lately, many thanks to all!

I am trying to restructure the facebook page to more easily track ideas, feature requests and volunteers. Hopefully the next update will arrive faster than this one!

Here’s the Market link, enjoy!



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13 Responses to New version of Binaural beat therapy released with extra presets!

  1. Jose Bsrroso says:

    No… THANKS TO YOU for your program and this (so waited) update. 🙂

    GREAT program!

    And thanks for your work.

  2. Zack says:

    Thanks so much for the program and open souricing it! Havnt played around with it too much but enjoyed the unity preset. A great feature would be allow users to input their own frequencies. If I ever get around to learning app dev I will look into adding it myself

    • Thanks Zack, I am actually thinking of making a graphic preset designer web page online where user could create and share presets and then download them from the phone, that would be fun 🙂

  3. Deep says:

    Hi there Giorgio,
    First of all, thank you! The cafeine boost preset is pretty amazing!!!
    But I´m in doubt about the study and learning preset.
    Should I play the study and learning while I study, is it?
    Or should I listen to the prese an then go study?
    Please, gimme some light!

  4. yoananda says:

    Hello, great project.
    I would like to submit you an development idea : impot/read GNAURAL files.
    It would be great since it can allow users to make their own presets graphically.


  5. Artshangkala says:

    Thanks for the binaural software. Thus useful in my yoga n rilexation. May light inspiring you more to create more positively on earth 😉

  6. Marta Bueno says:

    Hi Giorgio, I am new at this. I only saw your great application yesterday and I downloaded it. Is there a difference between your development and The Gateway Experience by the Monroe Institute?

  7. Jessica Marquez says:

    I really enjoy the sounds and find it very relaxing. I think it was about time something like this is available!

  8. codybox says:

    hi. thx♥.

  9. Lululemona says:

    I’m just wondering which would work best for anxiety?

    Thanks m

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